Tips for a Plastic Free Lifestyle

Use your own reusable bag when shopping
Drink tap water (and other beverages) from a reusable bottle
Skip the plastic straw or have a reusable straw handy


When shopping

  • Buy fresh produce  without any packaging
  • Select food items in cardboard, glass, or metal containers
  • Buy meat or fish from the counter wrapped in paper only
  • Bring your own containers for deli products
  • Buy from bulk bins (rice, beans, dried fruit, nuts, granola)
  • using your own container or reusable bag

When preparing and storing food

  • Store items in reusable, air-tight containers
  • Wrap food with parchment or wax paper or beeswax wrap
  • Use reusable bags or containers for lunches and snacks
  • Use reusable pods for single-cup coffee makers


When eating on the go

  • Bring a thermal mug for hot beverages 
  • Have a container for carryout or leftovers
  • Keep reusable straws and utensils (even chopsticks) on hand
  • Eat ice cream in a cone

When cleaning

  • Use rags, dishcloths, or washable cellulose sponges
  • Use paper bags or line garbage can with paper
  • Make your own cleaning products


In the bathroom

  • Use bar soap and shampoo
  • Buy cosmetics and lotions in glass containers or make your own
  • Use a safety razor, replacing the metal blades as needed
  • Use a wooden toothbrush

Other options

  • Bring your own toiletries when travelling
  • Bring a cloth garment bag when picking up dry cleaning
  • Stop chewing gum (gum is made of plastic)
  • Skip balloons for celebrations

Download “Tips for a Plastic Free Lifestyle” (PDF)