Energy Masters at Work in the Community

Posted on April 16, 2013

Arlington Energy Masters were hard at work last Saturday at Harvey Hall. Thanks to those who worked in the apartments and the drop-in volunteers who helped in the central area, the Energy Masters:

  • Completed 30 apartments on Saturday,’┬ábringing us to a total of 132 completed for the year.
  • Installed 168 CFLs, 53 faucet aerators, 29 low flow shower heads, 24 toilet tummies, and 18 power strips.
  • Sealed and caulked 463 outlets – that’s another record for a Saturday workday.
  • Completed 110 units out of 116 units in Harvey Hall, representing 95% of the complex.

You too can be a part of this great work. Learn more about Arlington Energy Masters volunteers and how you can become one. ‘┬áThe next Energy Masters training starts in Fall 2013!

The next work day is on Saturday, May 18th. Sign-up today to volunteer as a helper or runner.