Solar Raisers Volunteers

Home Evaluation Volunteers

Solar Raisers depends on the Arlington community coming together to help each other go solar.

Every homeowner who is interested in a professional installation by Solar Services will receive a home evaluation done by Solar Raisers staff and/or trained community volunteers. The evaluation allows the homeowner to ask questions about the system, the installation process, and the finances and ensures that the home is right for solar.

Each home evaluation volunteer will attend a brief training presentation so that they are informed on the details of Solar Raisers and are prepared to answer homeowner questions.

Note: EcoAction Arlington is not currently recruiting new volunteers for this program. We will post an update when new trainings become available.

“I volunteered because I wanted to learn hands-on the process of how solar energy is captured and utilized. I wanted a forum where I could learn from those also interested in solar energy. Solar Raisers seems to provide a symbiotic give-and-take relationship of the volunteers and the homeowner, who are both working for a common energy goal. A by-product of volunteering was meeting cool and intelligently practical, like-minded members of my community. I think all the volunteers eventually wanted to gain enough knowledge and experience to install their own solar installation project too! I’m excited about solar energy because it is a renewable resource and a more functional/efficient use of otherwise useless roof space!”
-Lindsay B.