Energy Masters Impact


To date, more than 220 volunteers have been trained and performed thousands of hours of community service to improve the lives of more than 850 families living in affordable housing in Arlington and Alexandria.

“The Energy Masters program is transforming our community one apartment at a time. Our passionate volunteers give their time, sweat, and expertise. Their work immediately reduces the utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions from these homes. And, they help raise the tenants’  energy literacy which empowers even more sustainable action,” says Colleen Morgan, EcoAction Arlington board of directors.

Working through a 25-point checklist, volunteers:

  • seal air leaks around windows, doors, and ducts
  • install energy efficiency devices like LED light bulbs and smart power strips
  • install water-saving devices like low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and toilet tummies
  • educate residents on how they can help reduce their usage and costs

Over the past six years, volunteers have installed:

  • 2,927 compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • 5,615 outlet and light switch gaskets
  • 523 faucet aerators
  • 237 low-flow shower heads
  • 273 toilet tummies
  • 246 power strips and smart power strips

With estimated savings of more than $250 per year on electricity and water bills for a typical household, residents enjoy …

  • concrete savings on their monthly bills
  • increased comfort in their homes
  • the satisfaction of doing their part to combat climate change

You, too, can play a role in this important work

  • Learn more about the Energy Masters program and application requirements.
  • Join us as a drop-in volunteer, where you can learn the ropes, run supplies, and more
  • Feed our hard-working and hungry volunteers: donate food for our training sessions and for our work days
  • Donate supplies or funds to purchase supplies (see below)
  • Assist with marketing, administrative and other office tasks (highly flexible!)

Contact us for details!

Support energy efficiency in Arlington

Energy Masters provides an equal opportunity to volunteer to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, sex or age, or other status protected by law.