Earth Month Fundraising Goal Met

On April 22, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. In honor of the event, we launched an Earth Month Challenge with a goal to raise $10,000. Thanks to your generous support, we met and exceeded our goal, raising $10,320, to-date.

Our health and the health of our planet are linked. Now more than ever, we must work to bring our community together and make a commitment to combat climate change, improve our local parks and protect water quality. Thank you for helping us continue this critical work.

Every dollar donated during this challenge, up to $5,000, was matched on a one-to-one basis, which doubled the impact of your gifts.

We were happy to be able to offer complimentary admission to our Earth Day Breakfast event on May 29 featuring speaker Karen Campblin to everyone who donated by April 30.

If you missed the April 30 end date for the challenge, you can still make a donation. Simply, follow the link below or mail a check made payable to EcoAction Arlington to 3308 S. Stafford Street, Arlington, VA 22206. (Note – All EcoAction Arlington mail is being forwarded while the Fairlington Community Center is closed.)