Tree Canopy Fund Application – Spring 2020 (Large Trees)

The application form below is for trees to be planted in the Spring 2020. If you have questions or problems, please contact EcoAction Arlington at [email protected] or 703-228-6427.

If you have utility lines in your front yard and are interested in planting a Sweetbay magnolia or Redbud, please complete this application.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Friday, December 20.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. You must complete one application per tree.
  2. Review program guidelines to make sure your property is eligible and you understand how applications are evaluated. Please include information about how your application meets the priorities listed on page 2 of the guidelines in your answer to the question “Describe how planting this tree will meet the priorities of the Arlington County Tree Canopy Fund.”
  3. Review the list of species available and be prepared to select your top two choices of species. Note that we have limited availability for some species and if needed, we will make awards for limited species on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Please note that participants who change their minds about getting a tree after applying are none-the-less requiring large amounts of time and expense on the part of EcoAction Arlington and the many volunteers who support this program. If you withdraw your application after February 1, we have most likely already ordered and paid for your tree. We hope you will commit to planting any trees you apply for unless there are extreme, unexpected circumstances. If you do need to withdraw your application, please notify us as soon as possible in writing and include a reason for the withdrawal.  We reserve the right to not accept future applications to this program from anyone who withdraws their application without a reasonable explanation after February 1.
  5. Complete the application below by midnight, December 20. There is a PDF of the application available for reference so you can review required information before you apply online. 
  6. Your application must include a photo of the planting site uploaded at the time of the application. Ideally, have someone stand in the location where the tree will be planted when you take the photo. Please use the photo below as a model. We are very unlikely to approve an application without a photo. If you are unable to upload a photo, please upload a letter explaining why not.  

Tree Canopy Fund Spring 2020

Please fill out this form to apply for trees to be planted in Spring 2020. If you are requesting multiple trees, then you must complete a separate application per tree. If you have any questions or problems, please contact EcoAction Arlington at [email protected] or 703-228-6427. The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday, December 20.
  • What is the FIRST and LAST NAME of the person living at the property? (if applying for a condo, list name of main contact)
  • At what email address would you like to be contacted?
  • Note - if you select Condo/HOA, Civic association or neighborhood-based group, Place of worship, or Club, please list the name in the field below.
  • Example: 5760 6th Street N. (if the tree will be planted on the grounds of a condo, please provide the closest mailing address)
  • Example: If you are facing the front door, tree will go in the front yard on the left side of the property, next to the driveway, about twenty feet from the street.
  • Please upload a photo showing the location where you'd like to plant this tree. It is extremely helpful if you take a photo with someone standing in the exact location you want the tree planted, so that it is clear that the surroundings are suitable for a canopy tree. Please rename the file as the planting location address (example: 5760N6thStreet.jpg). Click the "Browse" button below and choose the photo file from your computer. NOTE - this photo is required with application. If you can't upload a photo, please upload a letter of explanation.
    Accepted file types: jpg, doc, png, pdf, gif, docx, tif, jpeg, jif, pcd.
  • Providing a map is optional, but it is extremely helpful for larger projects. Only one map per project is needed. Please include a key indicating which species is to be planted in each location.
    Accepted file types: jpg, doc, png, pdf, gif, docx, tif, jpeg, jif, pcd.
  • We require proposed tree planting locations to be tree-free for at least one year before we plant there. If you are proposing a spot that already has a tree in it, you must remove the tree, and then apply in a future cycle.