Tree Canopy Fund Application – Fall 2020 (Large Trees)

Important – please read

  • The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday, June 29.
  • You must complete a separate application per tree. If you are requesting multiple trees, then refresh this page after submission to fill out another application form.
  • Review the Background Material and Resources page for additional information and to confirm your eligibility to participate.
  • If you have overhead utility lines in your front yard and are interested in planting a smaller understory tree in that front yard spot, then please complete this separate Small Tree application.
  • Please note that participants who change their minds about getting a tree after applying are none-the-less requiring large amounts of time and expense on the part of EcoAction Arlington and the many volunteers who support this program. If you withdraw your application after September 1, then we have already ordered and paid for your tree. We hope you will commit to planting any trees that you apply for unless there are extreme, unexpected circumstances. If you need to withdraw your application, please notify us as soon as possible in writing and include a reason for the withdrawal. We reserve the right to not accept future applications to this program from anyone who withdraws their application without a reasonable explanation after September 1.
  • If you have questions or problems with the application, please contact EcoAction Arlington at [email protected] or 703-228-6427.

Instructions – how to apply

  1. Review Program Guidelines to make sure your property is eligible and you understand how applications are evaluated. Please include information about how your application meets the priorities listed on page 2 of the guidelines in your answer to the question “Describe how planting this tree will meet the priorities of the Arlington County Tree Canopy Fund.”
  2. Review the list of species available and be prepared to select your top two choices of species. Note that we have limited availability of some species. If needed, we will make awards for limited species on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Complete the application below by midnight, June 29. There is a PDF of the application form available for reference so you can review required information before you apply online. 
  4. Your application must include a photo of the planting site uploaded at the time of the application. The form won’t submit without a photo. Ideally, have someone stand in the location where the tree will be planted when you take the photo. Please use the photo below as a model. We are very unlikely to approve an application without a photo. If you are unable to upload a photo, please upload a letter explaining why not.  
  5. You will get an auto-confirmation message with a copy of your application for every form that you submit. Make sure that you write your correct email address! If you don’t get a confirmation email, then we did not receive your application. In that case, please try resubmitting.
    • Make sure to submit a photo of the planting spot, and to initial the last question! These are the two most common reasons that applications are not complete and don’t go through our system.
  6. Scroll down to access the actual application form. It starts below the sample photo.

Application Form

The deadline has passed and this form is now closed. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.