Tree Canopy Fund: Background Material and Resources

The information below provides background and resources for applicants to the Tree Canopy Fund.


The Tree Canopy Fund is limited to property owners planting trees on private property. We can’t accept applications for planting on school property, parks, or other property maintained by Arlington County or Arlington Public Schools.

The following are eligible to apply for and receive trees:

  • Civic and homeowner associations
  • Community nonprofit organizations
  • Civic service clubs
  • School-related groups planting on private property
  • Ad-hoc neighborhood groups
  • Individuals
  • Places of worship

Applicant Responsibilities

  • Participants who change their minds about getting a tree after applying are none-the-less requiring large amounts of time and expense on the part of EcoAction Arlington and the many volunteers who support this program. If you need to withdraw your application, please notify us as soon as possible in writing and include a reason for the withdrawal. We reserve the right to not accept future applications to this program from anyone who withdraws their application without a reasonable explanation after September 1.
  • Once approved, the applicant is responsible for signing an electronic waiver and marking the planting location clearly with a large stake.
  • The property owner is responsible for regularly watering trees. New trees must be watered for at least two years after planting.

Program Overview

  • Applications will be accepted and approved once or twice a year depending on the availability of funds.
  • We reserve the right to reduce the scope of any application.
  • The trees we provide have trunk diameters of about two inches when planted. At maturity, they will be large canopy trees.
  • If your application is approved, the trees will be planted by a contractor.
  • Planting can take place any time during a 6 to 8 week window at the discretion of the contractor and may take longer if there are a large number of trees to be planted. The contractor will notify recipients approximately one week before planting via email. We appreciate you not contacting us to ask about the planting schedule unless you think there is a problem. Please recognize that both EcoAction Arlington and our contractor are managing a large quantity of trees and responding to individual queries is resource intensive.

Application Materials

Background Resources for Applicants