Choking Hazard

Be on the look out for English Ivy that can Choke and Kill Trees

Join efforts to save trees from Choking Hazard! Our trees add value to our properties and quality to our lives. That is why we’ve invested so much time and money into landscaping, nurturing and maintaining our trees and gardens. The investment is worth it.

Unfortunately, what looks like a lovely little green plant can actually strangle those trees, accelerate rot, attract mosquitoes and cause mature trees to fall down during storms. English ivy is a threat to that investment.

Thankfully, it is a beatable one. We, as a community, can fight back! Protect your trees, landscaping investments and home by cutting ivy away from your trees by following these steps:

1) Use garden clippers to cut ivy at the bottom around the entire trunk of infested trees.
2) Pull all ivy out of the ground around the base of the tree, making a 2 foot “life saver ring” around the tree.
3) Once cut, leave ivy on the tree. Do not pull it off because it could harm the tree. Ivy will gradually blend into the tree bark after it is cut.

Sixty volunteers are now trained and ready to teach others how to beat English ivy and save the trees. They are equipped with educational materials to share with homeowners, have slide presentations to give at civic associations, and materials for exhibit booths at farmers markets and festivals. You can join the campaign by requesting a speaker for your group or learning how to remove ivy. Find more information at the Arlington Regional Master Naturalists or TreeStewards websites.