Home Energy Rebate

Energy efficiency rebates are available for Arlington residents through June 18, 2018, when the program will end. Over 450 Arlingtonians have used these rebates to cut their energy bills. You can receive up to $575 to replace your water heater, heating or cooling system, seal air leaks, or add insulation. The following items are eligible for a rebate:

  • $575 rebate for central air conditioners, minimum 16 SEER.
  • $575 for central furnaces and boilers, minimum 95 AFUE.
  • $575 for central heat pumps including geothermal heat pumps, minimum 15 SEER.
  • $250 for electric water heaters, energy factor of at least 2.0, and gas/oil/propane water heaters, energy factor of at least 0.82.
  • 30% of your costs for duct sealing, air sealing, and insulation projects. You must spend at least $330, and you can receive up to $575. Typical bulk insulation products qualify, such as batts, rolls, blow-in fibers, rigid boards, expanding spray, and pour-in-place. Projects that air seal (reduce air leaks) or duct seal also qualify, including weather stripping, spray foam, caulk, house wrap, etc.
  • Application instructions
    • When you make energy upgrades to your home, save your receipt(s) or another proof of payment since you’ll need them when filling out your application. Once your project is completed you have three months to download the application and submit it. Make sure you attach dated, itemized proof of payment, and you’ll also need to include “before and after” photos for air sealing or insulation projects. You can send your application to [email protected] or mail it to the following address:

EcoAction Arlington
3308 S. Stafford St.
Arlington, VA 22206

Projects must be completed with applications mailed or emailed by June 18 to be eligible.

For more information, see environment.arlingtonva.us/energy/rebates